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Smoked Salmon

Produced according to old tradition and recipe, without chemical additives, crafts, and smoke on Norwegian forestry.


Sales Partner

If you want to order a small quantity order with our sales partner. If not and you want to order bigger quantity send us a mail.

Description of Smoked Salmon

With its decidedly potent flavor, salmon is a fish that does well to be prepared with a variety of equally as prominent flavors to offset and enhance its natural taste. Smoking salmon is an excellent way to do so, the smokiness of it complementing the strong natural flavor of the fish with ease.
The Smoked Salmon shown here has been naturally smoked on forestry taken locally from Norway, giving it a distinctive taste that cannot be found from salmon smoked anywhere else in the world. It is smoked using traditional recipes passed down for years that have been proven to yield the best, most flavorful results. The creation of this smoked fish uses no artificial or chemical additives, giving you a flavorful piece of fish that is naturally delicious. This simple, yet highly flavorful fish can be cooked with any additional herbs and spices or eaten raw, letting you transform it into the perfect salmon for any dish or appetizer you are preparing.