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Smoked Herring

Produced according to old tradition and recipe, without chemical additives, crafts, and smoke on Norwegian forestry.


Sales Partner

If you want to order a small quantity order with our sales partner. If not and you want to order bigger quantity send us a mail.

Description of Smoked Herring

One of the more popular Scandinavian fish choices, herring is a delectably full-flavored fish that is used in a variety of dishes. It is known for its strong, sometimes salty and rich, oily flavor that gives the fish its unique taste and delicate texture. When you smoke herring, it only becomes that much richer in flavor, making smoked herring a popular choice among those wanting to enjoy this fish.
The Smoked Herring sold here is of the highest quality and has been smoked to perfection. Norwegian forestry is used to smoke the fish, giving it a unique smoked texture that no other country or region can mimic. The fish has been smoked according to classic, traditional recipes that have been passed on through the ages in order to preserve its timeless taste. This Smoked Herring uses no chemical additives, ensuring that every flavor experienced when you serve the fish is entirely natural. It comes ready to enjoy in the way that you prefer to eat your herring.