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Gravlax (gravad lax)

Produced according to old tradition and recipe, without chemical additives, crafts, and smoke on Norwegian forestry.


Sales Partner

If you want to order a small quantity order with our sales partner. If not and you want to order bigger quantity send us a mail.

Description of Gravlax

One of the most common and well-loved Nordic dishes, Gravlax is something that many outside of Norway have tried to recreate due to its popularity and iconic flavor profiles. Gravlax consists of raw salmon that has been cured using sugar, salt and dill. Those who want to enjoy this dish as an appetizer usually learn that curing it on your own isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Our delicious, savory Gravlax can be shipped to you already perfectly prepared and ready to eat.
Our Gravlax features ultra-fresh salmon that has been prepared with the traditional gravlax ingredients. Each ingredient has been applied to each piece of salmon using traditional recipes that have been in circulation for many years, ensuring the classic taste. It is made using no chemical additives, leaving only the delicious, natural flavor of this iconic fish intact. It is smoked on Norwegian forestry, giving it a unique flavor that cannot be achieved anywhere else in the world.